Episode 1: Jean Donaldson on the fetch debate 

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Wild at Heart podcast! In today's episode, we'll explore the ongoing debate surrounding the current and disturbing anti-fetch movement with the invaluable insights of world-renowned trainer Jean Donaldson. 

Recently, a surge of online posts claims that fetch is detrimental to our dogs, causing a severe welfare issue. However, these claims are based on biased opinions and pseudoscientific theories instead of hard facts. Gain direct advice and scientific and factual information from Jean, who will explain why fetch is beneficial for dogs and help us understand why some people believe it is detrimental, even though it is not. By the end of this podcast, we hope to have cleared up any confusion surrounding this alarming trend. 

Jean Donaldson, the founder and principal instructor at The Academy for Dog Trainers, where I was certified, has extensive experience working with complex cases. Jean founded the Montreal Flyball Association and is no stranger to intense, happy and drivey dogs!