Reactive to Proactive Group class


The Group Version of Wild at Heart's Reactive to Proactive Program is now available. This three-week class, taught by Emily, will take place once a week through Facebook Live sessions. In a supportive environment, Emily will help students understand reactivity and guide them through the plans to improve behaviour.

Between classes, students will work with their dogs and receive support, video feedback, and camaraderie through a private Facebook group. During each live session, students will have the opportunity to learn from Emily, ask questions, share their experiences, and cheer each other on.

This class is suitable for anyone dealing with leash reactivity towards any trigger, but if your dog has injured a human or another animal, Emily's 1:1 Fear/Aggression package or a personalized 1:1 experience may be more appropriate.

Registration now open! 

$249 CAD/ APPROX. $185 USD

Dry Herding, 101

Dry herding is a fun and interactive way to allow your herder to have an approximation of what they were bred to do.  So many herding dogs are living urban lives without access to sheep or cows.  That doesn't mean that they can't have fun!  

This class is a live, virtual class.  We will meet online for 4 sessions and Emily will guide you through teaching basic herding directional cues off of stock!  

This class is not intended for dogs who will work stock, and is designed for dogs who will work for a toy reward, such as a ball or frisbee.  

The class is fun, supportive and interactive.  You'll also have access to the private Facebook page where you can follow along as other students practice and post videos for feedback. 

Our Wild at Heart Instagram account @wildatheartdogs has great example videos of what is possible!  

April's class is now open for registration!