Emergency Handling for the real world

Many people have a very hard time navigating the real world on walks and outings with their dogs.

Off-leash dogs, people who don’t listen and charging or aggressive dogs are all common and problematic and can take the enjoyment out of walks. 

Some of our dogs are fearful, some are reactive, and some are sensitive.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is, we all deserve space on our walks. 

This webinar is designed to put the power back in your walks.  I’ll guide you through ways to get control in out-of-control situations when other people and dogs don’t listen.  Learn tips and tricks to ask for space, get space and what to do when shit hits the fan!

This webinar is designed for anyone who would like help feeling in control on walks. 

We will discuss:

-Defensive handling 

-emergency u turn

-umbrella block for incoming dogs

-tried and tested tricks for slowing incoming dogs

-scripts and tips for asking for space from humans

-Dog body language info

-Gear and equipment primer

And much much more!

July 4th @ 10:00 Pacific.  Will be recorded for those who can't attend live! 

Car Chasing 101

Many dogs struggle with car chasing.  Not only is this behaviour frustrating and challenging to manage, but it also poses significant risks!  In this webinar, Emily will guide you through the underlying causes of this behaviour and provide strategies for managing it effectively.  You will also learn ways to work towards resolving the issue using force free and up to date methods!

The webinar will be recorded and provided to those who can't attend live!

New date coming soon!


Talking to clients about euthanasia and pet loss

Pet loss, euthanasia and grief are difficult subjects that can be uncomfortable for many people.  As trainers, we often focus on the happy and fun aspects of puppyhood and adulthood, but don't spend much time addressing the challenges of the senior years or guiding clients through the loss of a pet, whether it's due to unexpected medical issues, accidents or behavioural euthanasia. 

It's important to approach these conversations in a supportive and informed manner, but many of us lack the experience and knowledge to do so effectively.  It can lead to awkwardness and leave everyone feeling uncertain and unsupported.

Emily, a certified death doula  with experience guiding clients through pet loss and performing euthanasia, will provide a safe, supportive and interactive exploration of what to expect in these situations.  This webinar will equip you with the tools you need to approach these sensitive conversations with confidence and support your clients through their loss with the informatio and resources to feel prepared.  It will also guide you in dealing with your own grief that you could experience due to the loss of a client dog.  

For those who can't attend live, the recording will be provided. 

Coming soon!