Learn about Prey Drive: Often misunderstood, misrepresented or confused with other behaviours, we'll dive into the fundamentals, exploring what prey drive is and how it manifests in herding dogs. 

Prey Drive is our friend and our foe.  We use it to our advantage, but we also often struggle with dealing with dogs who love to hunt and chase.  

How is it different from reactivity? How can it be used in our favour? Will it make our dogs aggressive?  What is "predatory drift"?

We will learn practical and ethical ways to channel and utilize your dog's prey drive in training, enrichment and exercise.  Learn to work with your dog rather than trying to suppress this natural set of behaviours!

Myth Busting: We'll debunk common misconceptions surrounding prey drive, ensuring you have accurate information.

Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with me and get your questions answered during our live Q&A session.

Whether you're a seasoned dog trainer or a devoted herding breed owner, this webinar promises valuable insights and practical tips for navigating  your dog's natural instincts.


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Talking to clients about euthanasia and pet loss

Pet loss, euthanasia and grief are difficult subjects that can be uncomfortable for many people.  As trainers, we often focus on the happy and fun aspects of puppyhood and adulthood but don't spend much time addressing the challenges of the senior years or guiding clients through the loss of a pet, whether it's due to unexpected medical issues, accidents or behavioural euthanasia. 

It's important to approach these conversations in a supportive and informed manner, but many of us lack the experience and knowledge to do so effectively.  It can lead to awkwardness and leave everyone feeling uncertain and unsupported.

Emily, a certified death doula with experience guiding clients through pet loss and performing euthanasia, will provide a safe, supportive, interactive exploration of what to expect.  This webinar will equip you with the tools to confidently approach these sensitive conversations and support your clients through their loss with the information and resources to feel prepared.  It will also guide you in dealing with the grief you could experience due to losing a client’s dog.  

For those who can't attend live, the recording will be provided. 

New dates coming soon!