"I’ve spent thousands on failed training with other companies. I had given up hope, but Emily has changed my relationship with my dog, and we can now open up our world!" -Lisa

Welcome to Wild at Heart!

Emily is a multi-certified dog behaviour consultant with hands-on experience working with some of the most challenging cases in the province during her career with the BC SPCA. 

In 2021, Emily left her shelter career to help dogs whose guardians are at the end of their rope with fear, aggression, reactivity and herding breed challenges such as compulsive disorders.  She specializes in herding breed dogs who are struggling in pet homes.  If you're dealing with a reactive border collie, Australian Cattle Dog, Aussie or other herding group dog, you've found help!

From your living room, you’ll have an expert unpack your case, get to the root of the issue and teach you how to work with your dog to transform their behaviour and give them and you a better quality of life.  

Wild at Heart offers many group and private training options for reactivity, fear and aggression, separation anxiety and other issues holding you back from living a fulfilled life with your dog.  Wild at Heart’s packages are personalized, doable, and consider guardian and dog well-being.  Emily wants you to be set up for success and have the best chance at a lasting outcome! 

Emily lives on the west coast of British Columbia with Mozzie, her rescue Australian Cattle Dog and Griff and Stormi, her working line border collies.  She works with guardians and their dogs across North America, Mexico, the UK and beyond.   She is a regular presenter on webinars, hosts the Wild at Heart Podcast, and is a co-host of Conversations From Under the Bus with Jean Donaldson, Kristi Benson and Lisa Skavienski, which can be found on YouTube and through The Academy for Dog Trainers on Facebook. 

Always force-free, up to date and compassionate!

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