When dog behaviours clash with the peace in our home, it can feel like you’ll never restore harmony.
 When nothing else has worked, Emily can help.

Do you have a reactive dog and you no longer enjoy walks or you're afraid of what might happen?

Does your cattle dog nip strangers?

Does your border collie snarl at other dogs when they have a ball?

Does your cattle dog chase runners or cyclists?

Has your herding breed dog rushed out of the house and chased a delivery person?

Does it seem like your rescue border collie was previously abused?

Newly adopted, undersocialized, and dogs with a history of abuse and trauma are no strangers to Emily.  She worked with many of the province's most challenging cases during her career with the BC SPCA.  Dogs from puppy mills, backyard breeders, cruelty investigations, hoarding survivors and even feral dogs whom humans had never handled make up some of Emily's success stories.  In her home, she's worked with many fearful foster dogs and adoptees, including Mozzie, her adopted cattle dog rescue and one of her most challenging cases.  Since leaving the BC SPCA in 2022, Emily has been contracted to work with cases from the BC SPCA and other rescues across Canada and North America. 

Emily will support you with 1:1 feedback, personalized plans and recommendations and works seamlessly with vets, vet behaviourists and other members of your dog's wellness team.  Emily will unpack your case and find the root cause of your dog's issues to ensure a proper plan.  Emily often works with those who have tried everything and been through countless trainers with no success.  

Emily is certified to assess and diagnose aggression cases to ensure safety and help aggressive dogs safely and happily through their world.  

Get supportive help from a multi-certified consultant for: 

  • Reactivity
  • fear 
  • aggression 
  • resource guarding 
  • Dog/dog issues
  • Assessments for municipalities and bylaws 

and much, much more.