Sheepdog Trials and Border Collies with Lisa Wright 

This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for. We’re getting into border collies and talking about sheepdog trials!  

What started as a couple of men making a bet in a pub in Wales in the 1800s has become an international sport with everyone of all ages competing on many levels with their dogs. 

My guest today, Lisa Wright is a retired professional dog trainer.  These days, Lisa and her dogs are multi-USBCHA Open trial winners, Canadian Championship double lift finalists, Calgary Stampede finalists and Meeker semi-finalists.  

Lisa is the President of the Canadian Border Collie Association, past vice president of the APDT and, my favourite thing, she’s Griffin’s breeder.  

These days, she is focused on trialling and has no current breeding plans.  Lisa lives on her farm in Athabasca, Alberta, with her dogs, her husband Travis, and their sheep and livestock guardian dogs. 

In this episode, Lisa explains what a sheepdog trial is, and we dive into one of my favourite topics, border collies! 

Lisa sat down to chat right off of her win at the Hurricane Hills trial with her dog Star, who is Griffin’s mom. 

This is an excellent primer on sheepdog trials, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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