Sled Dogs with Kristi Benson 

If you've ever wondered about the life of sled dogs, Kristi is here to give us a primer on these fantastic dogs. 

I had the opportunity to work with ex-sled dogs at the BC SPCA.  They were unlike everything you'd imagine if you watched Balto, from their looks to their personalities.  They were fun, quirky, smart and looked like a regular mixed breed dog to the novice eye. 

Kristi takes us on a deep dive into their life, personalities and how they come into regular homes.  

Kristi is an honours graduate from The Academy for Dog Trainers and an Academy staff member.  She has a fantastic, award-winning blog and many online course options for dog guardians.  You can see more about Kristi, read her blog and purchase courses here

This episode of the podcast is dedicated to Troy.  Troy was one of the many sleddies we had at the shelter, and I was also honoured to be part of his journey post-adoption.  Troy waited over a year for his own home, and when he was finally adopted, he hit the jackpot.  Troy has since passed away, but I'm sure he's running, wherever he is.  

Please note: we mention the unfortunate aspect of dog culls in this episode.  While we do not go into details or share any graphic details, that may be unsettling to some listeners.  


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