Episode 2: Beth Bigler on Pet loss and finding your way forward 

On this episode of the Wild at Heart Podcast, we're switching gears.  I'm talking to the amazing Beth Bigler, a pet loss grief counsellor.  We're getting into it and talking about grief counselling, what to expect and how to find your way forward.  And while talking about death, we're doing it in a supportive and transformative way.  It's also intimate because Beth was my counsellor after I lost my dog, Zelda. 

If you've lost a pet, if you're worried you’re going to or if you're helping someone through their pet loss grief, tune in.  Beth has changed my relationship with pet loss, and I hope someone out there finds a new way forward out of their loss because of this episode.  

Grab some tissues and a cup of tea, light a candle and snuggle in.  

You can find Beth on her Instagram account @honoringouranimals and her website here

This episode is in memory of my dog Zelda, my protector, best friend and teacher, and Roemie and Scarlet, two dogs who meant the world to Zelda and me and their excellent guardians, Kari and Kath. 

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